What follows is a very short list of terms and definitions to help you in areas you may be unfamiliar with. We are reconstructing this area to offer much more indepth information as well as a list of schools and professional associations.

Acupressure Acupuncture Alexander Technique Aromatherapy Ayurvedic Medicine Bioenergetic Analysis Bioenergetics Biofeedback
Body-Oriented Psychotherapy Bodywork Brainwave Chakra Chelation Therapy Chi Kung Childbirth Support Chiropractic
Colonics Dentistry, Holistic Ear Candling Edgar Cayce Feldenkrais(r) Method Flotation- R.E.S.T. Flower Essences Guided Imagery
Holistic Healthcare Homeopathy Hypnotherapy Iridology Judge, The Kinesiology Light/Color Therapy Lymph Drainage
Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Infant Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Swedish Meditation Music Therapy Myofascial Release Naprapathy
Naturopathy Network Spinal Analysis Ohashiatsu(r) Ortho-Bionomy Osteopathic Medicine Physicalmind Method(tm) Phytochemicals Polarity Therapy
Process Acupressure Psychics Pycnogenol Reflexology Reflexo-Therapy Reiki Super Blue Green(tm) Algae T'ai Chi Chuan
Therapeutic Touch Trigger Point VibraSound(tm) Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Phoenix Rising Yoga, Sivananda

Acupressure: Acupuncture without needles, uses the pressure of the fingers and hands in specific locations on the body to unblock the body's energy flow to restore health and balance. The older of the two techniques.

Acupuncture: Opening the paths of energy helps the body heal.Through the use of special acupuncture needles that lightly puncture the skin, the blockage of energy can be removed and health restored. Most acupuncturists use sterile, disposable needles.

Alexander Technique: A personalized learning process that increases the conscious awareness and integration of movement, balance, posture, and intelligence. By learning to overcome the harmful habits that cause physical and emotional stress in the body, daily activities can be performed more freely and efficiently.

Aromatherapy: The art and science of using essential oils (concentrated plant extracts) to treat body, mind and spirit. Application methods: inhalation, topical often with massage techniques, and (under the guidance of a qualified professional) ingestion. Roots in the ancient cultures of Egypt and India. A standardized profession in Europe.

Ayurvedic Medicine: Literal translation-'the science of life'. Referred to as the "Mother of all medicine," it is the oldest form of healing known. Ayurvedic is much more than a medical science, it also encompasses the spirit and soul with strong focus on dietary and lifestyle choices. Recognized by the World Health Organization as an effective health science.

Bioenergetic Analysis: Understanding personality in terms of the body and its energetic processes. A form of therapy that combines work with the body and the mind to help people resolve their emotional problems and realize more of their potential for pleasure and joy in living.

Bioenergetics: Having to do with the different energy systems of the body: the physical body, mental body, and spiritual body.

Biofeedback: A method by which the body's functions can be monitored using equipment specially designed for the purpose. The positive training of the body to modify specific activities.

Body-Oriented Psychotherapy: Seeks to enhance the psychotherapeutic process by incorporating a range of bodywork and movement techniques. Acknowledging the mind-body link, practitioners may use light touch, soft- or deep-tissue manipulation, breathing techniques, movement, exercise, or body-awareness techniques to help address emotional issues.

Bodywork: For Massage Category also see Swedish CranioSacral Therapy: Developed by Dr. William G. Sutherland in the early 1900's. CranioSacral Technique is a gentle, non-invasive technique done with very light pressure generally to the bones of the skull.

Brainwave: Although the brain regulates the body, it is unable to regulate itself without some assistance. Many behavioral and emotional problems are exhibited through "irregular" brainwave patterns. EEG Biofeedback gives the brain the assistance so it can make the adjustment, thereby eliminating behavioral and emotional problems. Unlike medication, it does not act immediately (it is a process), but results are permanent and without chemical side effects.

Chakra: From the Sanskrit, meaning "wheel of light." The seven chakras are invisible spinning energy centers that produce the body's subtle energy field. This energy field keeps the body and mind alive and healthy.

Chelation Therapy: A safe, intravenous (IV) therapy to increase blood flow and decrease excessive deposits of plaques in arteries and organs such as the liver, kidneys, heart, and brain.

Chi Kung: Tidal Wave(TM) Chi Kung is a concise method for cultivating, circulating, and expressing internal energy. The applications are far-reaching.

Childbirth Support: Practitioners of childbirth support include childbirth educators, childbirth assistants, and women labor coaches, who also provide postpartum ha home care.

Chiropractic: A hands-on manipulative therapy designed to maintain the spinal column and nervous system in good health without the use of surgery or drugs. A skill in which joints are manipulated torebalance the body's function as a result of structural compromise to the central nervous system. Ancient Egypt, ancient Hindus, Chinese, Babylonians, and Assyrians all used manipulative chiropractic techniques.

Colonics: A cleansing utilizing gentle, warm-water washing of the colon (large intestine). The procedure lasts approximately 45 minutes and utilizes equipment that regulates the temperature, water pressure and volume. A small nozzle or hose is inserted into the anus, allowing the water to flow in under gentle pressure. The water dislodges toxic wastes in the colon, which are then flushed out the rectum. Up-to-date colonic machines are equipped with disposable hoses to insure cleanliness.

Dentistry, Holistic: Stresses the use of nontoxic restoration materials for dental work and focuses on the unrecognized impact that dental toxins and hidden dental infections can have on overall health.

Ear Candling: (ear coning) Involves placing the narrow end of a specially designed hollow candle at the entry of the ear canal, while the opposite end is lit. Primarily used for wax buildup and related hearing problems; also used for ear infections and sinus infections.

Edgar Cayce: Powers of perception beyond the five senses. For years, the information requested of him related mainly to medical problems. Eventually the scope of his psychic readings expanded to include topics such as meditation, dreams, reincarnation, and prophecy. A.R.E., the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., was founded to preserve, research, and make available the readings of Mr. Cayce.

Feldenkrais(r) Method: Through a series of movements either in groups or one-on-one, the intent is to break old harmful patterns of movement and establish new thought processes.

Flotation- R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique): 1)Procedure-floating atop a 10 inches-deep pool of water and salt in a dark, enclosed chamber about the size of a small closet lying on its side. 2)Effects-restricting environmental stimuli (light, sound, touch, gravity, etc.) leads to intensified awareness. Scientific experiments show that by focusing inward in a certain way, a person can make actual physical and emotional changes.

Flower Essences: Subtle liquid extracts, generally taken in oral form used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development and mind-body health. They work through vibrational resonance rather than biochemical interaction within the body.

Guided Imagery: Using mental images to promote physical healing or changes in attitudes or behavior. Practitioners may lead clients through specific visualization exercises or offer instruction in using imagery as a self-help tool. Often used to alleviate stress and to treat stress-related conditions.

Holistic Healthcare: Comprehensive and total care of a patient. In this system, the needs of the patient in all areas, such as physical, emotional, social, spiritual and economic, are considered and cared for.

Homeopathy: The medical practice of treating like with like; treating an illness with a substance that produces the same symptoms as those displayed by the person who is ill. Homeopathy sees the symptoms as the body's reaction against the illness as it attempts to overcome it, and seeks to stimulate and not suppress this reaction. FDA approved.

Hypnotherapy: Listening to a voice giving suggestions that help a person to become more and more deeply relaxed and focus their attention. A state in which a person may be able to deal with obstacles or offer themselves suggestions that can improve some aspect of mental or physical functioning.

Iridology: Iridology is the science of analyzing the delicate structures of the iris of the eye. The iris reveals body constitution, inherent weaknesses, levels of health and the transitions that take place in a person's body according to the way he/she lives.

Judge, The: A psychological concept describing a personality component that contains critical verbal messages, insatiable demands, and expectations of perfection. The Judge dominates the inner child deep within the psyche.

Kinesiology: The study of muscles in movement, specifically the action of individual muscles or groups of muscles that perform specific movements.

Light/Color Therapy: Used in many cultures for thousands of years. Light and color each have their own specific frequency or wavelength, which is a provable and measurable source of energy. Variations in the number of impacts upon the eye affect muscular, mental and nervous activity. 1800's ushered several medical breakthroughs in treatments from inflammation to bacterial infections to tuberculosis. Clinical and therapeutic uses slowed down with the emergence of pharmaceuticals.

Lymph Drainage: A gentle, whole body massage aimed at stimulating the lymphatic system to carry away excessive fluid in the loose connective tissue. Non-invasive, painless therapy intended for conditions such as swelling, neuromuscular disorders, congestion.

Massage, Deep Tissue: Techniques that utilize deep-tissue/deep-muscle massage are administered to affect the sub-layer of musculature and fascia. These techniques require more advanced training and a more thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Massage, Infant: Qualified instructors teach parents how to properly massage their infants. This specialized form of touch is successful, not only in the critical weight gain of premature infants, but also in creating a strong bond between parent and infant and exposing a young child to the benefits and pleasures of touch.

Massage, Shiatsu: Utilizing traditional Chinese acupuncture points, this Japanese bodywork technique uses thumb, finger, and palm pressure, rather than needles, to acupuncture points. Focuses on the efficient flow of energy throughout the meridians and autonomic nervous system.

Massage, Swedish: The healing power of touch emphasizing that all strokes go toward the heart, Swedish massage uses five main strokes to stimulate the circulation of blood through the soft tissues of the body.

Meditation: Has been used for thousands of years in many religious traditions to bring about integration of body, mind, and spirit. Extensive research in meditation in the last two decades illustrates its beneficial effects on a wide range of conditions, from hypertension to asthma.

Music Therapy: Helps clients attain therapeutic goals, which may be mental, physical, emotional, social, or spiritual in nature.

Myofascial Release: The muscles of the body are enveloped in a thin layer of fascia. Myofascial Release works on this layer to stretch and reshape the fascia and help restore full range of motion. This was developed by Dr. Janet Travell, MD, for the treatment of chronic pain.

Naprapathy: Health care specialty that treats connective tissue disorders-back pain, neck and shoulder aches, muscle soreness and strains. Treatments primarily use manual (hands-on) manipulation to areas of connective tissue distress.

Naturopathy: Concerned with discovering and removing the root cause of disease whether it be chemical, mechanical or psychological. Works on the principle that healing depends upon the action of natural healing forces present in the human body.

Network Spinal Analysis (Network Chiropractic): An integrated method of evaluating and adjusting the spine. Helps free the nervous system from mechanical interference and enhances the body's inherent capacity to express its vital force. NSA supports the relationship that connects the spine and nervous system to consciousness and quality of life expression.

Ohashiatsu(r): A unique form of bodywork that balances life-energy in body, mind, and spirit. It incorporates techniques of the Japanese healing science of Shiatsu, psychological components and a deep contemplation of the teachings of Eastern philosophy.

Ortho-Bionomy: A form of hands on based bodywork that uses gentle movements and comfortable positions to unlock tension and relieve pain. Uses the body's preferred posture, with mild exaggeration of any distortions, to initiate postural balance and integration, teaches people how to be more at ease in their bodies both physically and energetically.

Osteopathic Medicine: Physicians providing comprehensive medical care view a patient as a whole person, not as just a disease or collection of symptoms. Many combine conventional forms of treatment (such as medication and surgery) with natural or alternative treatments. Specially trained in osteopathic manipulation-using their hands to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness.

Physicalmind Method(tm): Conditioning program that improves muscle control, flexibility, coordination, strength, and tone. The method consists of a sequence of carefully performed movements, based on the work of Joseph H. Pilates. Each exercise is designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles involved, opening the joints and releasing tension.

Phytochemicals: Naturally occurring plant compounds containing anti-oxidant properties that potentially ward off disease. Formulated by extracting whole food, nutrient-rich concentrates from fruits and vegetables to create natural, highly absorbable nutrients aimed at disease prevention.

Polarity Therapy: Emphasizing energy-flow in the body, emotional tension and/or pain is released when the flow of energy is restored. Polarity is based on the belief that positive and negative poles exist in every cell. The body is gently manipulated to balance the positive and negative energies.

Process Acupressure: An integrative body/mind/soul approach that combines traditional acupressure techniques with process psychology skills. It helps individuals reclaim energetic balance in their bodies, which promotes better health.

Psychics: Of the mind; beyond known physical processes; sensitive to forces beyond the physical world.

Pycnogenol: Anti-oxidant derived from pine bark; natural and organic and many times more powerful than Vitamins A, C, and E. Anti-aging properties.

Reflexology: (Zone Therapy) Commonly focuses on the reflex points of the feet, hands and ears, which are less common areas of application. Known in China as a healing therapy for many thousands of years. By applying firm pressure with the thumb to the foot, an impulse is conveyed causing a reflex response. This stimulates body organs.

Reflexo-Therapy: A form of massage that works through deep pressure on reflex points together with moist heat. Reflex points lie deep within the body, connected to the nervous and lymph systems. The procedure and healing power of the lymphatic fluid, rich in oxygen and nutrients, rushes to the damaged area pushing out toxins, which frees the body from pain and speeds the healing process.

Reiki: A Japanese word meaning "universal life energy." Various versions all aim to relieve the body of physical, emotional and spiritual "blockages." All lay hands-on in certain positions to transmit this universal life energy (it's the energy, not the person, that heals).

Super Blue Green(tm) Algae: A 100% wild, organic superfood, exquisitely crafted by Mother Nature herself, that provides essential building blocks of readily absorbable vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, amino acids, beta carotene and chlorophyll that not only deeply nourish, but may also cleanse the body of cellular toxins enabling it to rebuild with the algae's high-quality, life-enhancing raw materials.

T'ai Chi Chuan: The major goal of T'ai Chi Chuan is health and longevity. To achieve this, one must follow the Tao (Way), which means harmonizing with nature and the universe. This harmonizing must be both internal and external. A method by which external affairs are regulated (self-defense) while the chi (breath) is cultivated (yoga).

Therapeutic Touch: A method, derived from the laying-on of hands, using the hands to direct human energies to help or heal someone who is ill.

Trigger Point: Trigger points in the muscles are compressed to release tension. Hands-on, non-intrusive, works on muscular system relieving pain, stiffness, loss of movement, inflammation, or sports injuries.

VibraSound(tm): Developed as a "state of the art" Sensory Resonance device and incorporates all we've learned about accessing different states of mind. Using light, sound, music and vibration simultaneously different states of the mind can be accessed in non-traumatic and non-invasive ways. The overall effect of the altered states produced will vary, but are almost always centered around intense feelings of pleasure.

Yoga, Hatha: The Sanskrit "ha", meaning the sun, and "tha", meaning the moon, represent male and female energy. Yoga means to yoke or unify. Hatha yoga is a discipline for integrating male and female energy or polar opposites within an individual. It's generally taught as a system of postures and breathing exercises designed to improve all around health and prepare the body and mind for meditation.

Yoga, Kriya: The art and science of balance. A way of harmonizing the disparate parts of the mind into wholeness, a way of creative living. Teaches a philosophy comprehensive enough to embrace all knowledge and offers a way of meditative attunement that reveals the wisdom of Life in daily experience.

Yoga, Kundalini: An ancient energy management system. Awareness and health is achieved through exercises or postures (asanas), special breathing (pranayama), hand and finger gestures (mudras), body locks (bhandas), sound current (mantras), and meditation. All work to awaken and balance the total body.

Yoga, Phoenix Rising: Yoga with elements of contemporary psychology. Through assisted yoga postures and guided breathing, you are safely brought to the edge of deep physical sensation entering into dialogue. Listening to your body's wisdom, you may release underlying emotions or beliefs that have manifested in chronic pain.

Yoga, Sivananda: A system of yoga as taught by Swami Vishnu-Devan,and who has synthesized this ancient wisdom into five basic principles for physical, mental and spiritual health and self-realization: Proper Exercise, Proper Breathing, Proper Relaxation, Proper Diet, Positive Thinking and Meditation.